Sunday, December 25, 2016

AUDIO REVIEW: Sawyer Bennett's SUGAR BOWL series


Sawyer Bennett
Released: SUGAR DADDY (May 24, 2016), SUGAR RUSH  (August 16, 2016) and SUGAR FREE (October 11, 2016)
Holy greatness, Batman!! After spending a few weeks in a tiny depression over the inability to find a story and characters to connect with, I’ve been hit between the eyes with a fantastic romantic suspense SERIES that I never expected! Nope, in three cleverly written blurbs nothing indicated the hot, heart-racing ride I was going to take! I’m new to Sawyer Bennett but her SUGAR BOWL series has now guaranteed I’ll seek more from her!

This is the story of Sela Halstead and Beckett North, two people whose lives seem destined to intertwine. While I’m not able to discuss the events that lead them together, I will say that from the moment I started book one, SUGAR DADDY, I was hooked to Sela. She’s a smart, determined survivor navigating a life that was irrevocably changed early in life. Beckett (Beck) is a man whose only passions in life are his business, The Sugar Bowl, his sister, Caroline and his niece, Ally. That is until he meets Sela. 

The Sugar Bowl series is comprised of three books, SUGAR DADDY, SUGAR RUSH and SUGAR FREE. The first two books end in spectacular cliffhangers, leaving me with a pounding heart and breathing fast! The twists and turns Ms. Bennett takes her readers on are simply thrilling. These books are literary rollercoasters with the reader constantly surprised by the speed and velocity at which new surprises pop up! Ms. Bennett concludes the story in an extremely satisfying way that feels complete. Kudos to her for telling this story as she knew it needed to be told. This is not a story that could not be told in one or two books. Oh, that epilogue!!

The incomparable team of Lucy Rivers and Christian Fox dual narrate all three stories masterfully! Ms. Rivers reads Sela exactly as I imagined. The strength and determination of the character to move forward with life, learning to heal and open her heart to the right man, are felt from word one. Christian Fox gives Beck the life he deserves and helps the readers feel every ounce of lust, love, frustration and at times, all consuming rage. Their narration holds the reader’s attention from start to finish!

I should note the books can be purchased separately for any reader skeptically of downloading the complete series. But believe me, you'll never be happier that you did! I

*Books one and three are Whispersync compatible, book two is not.*


  1. Thanks for the recommendation - there are too many amazon reviews of 5 starts just because someone got an arc copy! And as I know how much you love the Walsh's I'm sure I will enjoy this series of books. Just off to add them to my 'must read' list.

    1. I promise to always give an honest review! I hope you like this series as much as I did!!!

  2. I love all that is Sawyer Bennett. I have a few authors that I'll read anything from and she is one of them! You will NOT be disappointed!
    I also loved this twist on romance with the suspense and wild ride. I thought the premise was super original as well!! So happy you are doing your reviews for all to see!!

    1. Thank you, Diane! I'm looking forward to reading more of Ms. Bennett's books!



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