Thursday, December 22, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Kate Canterbary's THE SPIRE

Kate Canterbary, book 6 of THE WALSH SERIES
Release: December 13, 2016

I'm not sure the best way to describe Kate Canterbary's THE SPIRE. Spectacular, breathtaking, triumphant, stunning, incredible, magnificent, sensational and wondrous seem like mere words to fully and properly describe the literary masterpiece of her sixth book. Magical still feels insignificant, but THE SPIRE is truly a magical experience. Fans of the previous books in the Walsh series will NOT be disappointed by Erin Walsh and her journey home. The youngest of six, Erin's wanderlust isn't just her desire to increase her knowledge, learn the world and help make it better, it's about healing a spirit that was annihilated as a child. Seeking solace in her independence and away from the memories of the past has allowed Erin to grow into her strength and to understand her value.

The man worthy of loving her is simply marvelous. Not just in his willingness to let Erin be who she is, but to embrace all that comes with her and encourages her to continue grow and heal. He sees her truth and caresses and cares for her, body, mind and spirit. In just loving her unconditionally, he helps her to understand her past is her past, but she deserves the greatest future.

Fans of Erin's siblings, Shannon, Patrick, Matthew, Samuel and Riley will see their favorites in smaller doses than previous books, just as we saw Erin in small portions in their books. By keeping Erin's story separate, yet inclusive, of the series, we get a full introduction to the beautiful firestorm she is. New readers of The Walsh Series can certainly pick up THE SPIRE and read as a complete standalone, but know that revelations are made in this book regarding storylines found in the others. It should be said that the other books, UNDERNEATH IT ALL, THE SPACE BETWEEN, NECESSARY RESTORATIONS AND THE CORNERSTONE can be read separately too, however RESTORED must be read with NECESSARY RESTORATIONS.

I'm a notoriously difficult reader with high expectations of story-telling. Not once in all six books has Ms. Canterbary disappointed. Her writing continues to amaze and delight me, and always leaves me with the excitement of wondering what's next for her. Whether another book in Walsh series or she introduces the world to new characters, I will follow her stories and books for as long as she writes them!

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