Tuesday, December 27, 2016

LINKS: Join me on Facebook!

I have an incredible Facebook group with angelic members!! Join us today and share your love of the naughtier side!! A great way to stay up-to-date with need-to-know book news!


Here's a breakdown of things you'll see:

Monday Morning Mister or #mmm: all about the man candy!
#TeaserTuesday: professional and fan made teasers to let readers know of newly published and coming soon books!
Fine Books Newly Released: Tuesday weekly review of new releases
Weekly Recs: member recommendations of great reads
Thursday Weekly Planner: what do our members have in store for the weekend?
New Release Friday: what movies, books, television shows or concerts are you looking forward to over the weekend?
Sexytime Saturday: devilishly hot photos of happy couples
Sunday Speakeasy: open topic conversation

Of course, members are welcomed to post questions, funny memes and anything (within FB guidelines*) to come out and be proud of what they enjoy!!

To prevent any problems with Facebook, I do ask that FB rules are followed. Please note this page is not an open promotions page though I am happy to share cover reveals and special released day posts as requested!

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