Monday, December 26, 2016

NEWS: Start spreading it-ANGELICALLY DEVILISH has launched!!

Oh my goodness! This is it-my official launch day! After more than a year of thinking about and weighing every side, I'm adding my voice to this side of the book world! MY voice, a very unique perspective on books. I make no more apologies for believing in the importance of strong storytelling.  I believe authors should write their stories fully and completely and how they intended! I believe readers deserve strong characters in situations that leaves them hopeful. But above all, I believe the shame too often associated with reading contemporary romance and erotica should be destroyed.

I'm an angel who just enjoys the devilish side of books!


  1. Well said - why are some books considered 'less worthy' than others just because they contain a bit of lust and love? Any book that takes you to another world, entertains you and touches your emotions is an excellent book in my opinion.

    1. Thank you, Louise!! I hope together we change the perception of our beloved genre!!

  2. I agree! I hate "hiding" what I enjoy reading.



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