Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Stephanie Rose
Release: May 21, 2016
Narrated by: Lauren Sweet
Kindle Unlimited available at time of this review

Sweet, young love, there’s nothing quite like it. The first meeting, stolen glances, soft kisses that grow passionate, building trust and the first “I love you”.  sigh I really enjoy contemporary new adult stories. The start of adult life and love are often beautifully captured in these stories. I also enjoy the confusion of feelings and angst and learning how the characters will resolve all the feelings. Stephanie Rose’s FINDING ME is a wonderful example of a well-developed new adult story.

The story of Bella and Owen, Finding Me is a standalone that sees Bella from the previous reads, Always You and Always Us, a young woman and freshman attending university. After a horrible break-up with her high school boyfriend, Bella uses her time at school to rebuild her confidence. A big part of that is Owen, a hot-shot hockey player who falls hard when he meets Bella the first time. In learning how to trust and let go of past hurts, Bella is able to open her heart to Owen and heal from some of the pain of abandonment of her first love and her biological father. 

Lauren Sweet single narrates Finding Me with such sincerity. The joys of falling in love, along with the hurt that misunderstanding and confusion can bring when you’re young and navigating the first deep relationship outside of your family. She also brings Owen’s southern accent to the front without being thick and cartoonish as seems to be the way for narrators. As a southern girl by Grace, I find it frustrating when the accent is used in a slow, silly way. Kudos to Ms. Sweet for not doing that! I also greatly appreciated that while Bella is from the Bronx, an overdone, stereotypical New York accent wasn’t on display. 

I definitely encourage readers to plug those earbuds in and give a listen!

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