Sunday, January 22, 2017


Danielle Allen
Release: January 17, 2017
(Kindle Unlimited available)

I have to start this review with the deepest apologies for posting it so late. You see I received a copy of NEVERMORE from Ms. Allen to review prior to the release. I was so excited to read this story based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", one of my favorite poets. I've often credited Poe as being my first dark author. Anyway, I was to post this review a few days ago, but everytime I sat to write it, everything my heart feels just wouldn't come out correctly. I'm not entirely sure where this draft will take me, but here goes.

I LOVE THIS STORY! The originality, the uniqueness, the DIVERSITY of characters makes this the type of story we should be reading more of in this genre!

The story of JP and Raven, friends since childhood who maintained much of their relationship via text messages and Skype as they were separated in their early teens but never let go of each other. Their families, friends, and at times, people they were dating, were aware of the attraction between the two, though they never acted on it. Fear of destroying the healthiest relationship they have was a huge factor. But when the line is finally crossed, tragedy strikes Raven and she's left to not only figure out the mystery but to look deep within herself to truly understand the meaning of it all.

Danielle Allen is undauntingly dedicated to diverse characters and inclusion in her stories and she made sure to include people of varying ethnicities and religions in this story. I can't shout loudly enough how much I appreicate this. Take a look at her cover. Something almost never seen in mainstream romance today-a black woman on the cover, alone. Mindblown.

But she just absolutely blew me away and left me stunned for the past few days with the notion that Poe, dark, scary, horror writing Edgar Allen Poe, wasn't what I thought. That though there's much darkness and sorrow in "The Raven" it's based on the sorrow of losing love. Poe was a romantic! While the poem is dark, the light of love actually surrounds it. I'm in AWE! And more than that, Ms. Allen reminds the reader the light is always there, you just have to be aware.

Do I "One-Click" recommend this book? You better believe it! I can't encourage readers to download and read right now fast enough!

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