Sunday, January 8, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: J.A. DeRouen's OVER DUET series

J.A. DeRouen
Released: November 10, 2016 and January 6, 2017 respectively

Ahem…is this thing on? READERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, MY NAME IS ROBYN AND I’M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, ONE-CLICK J.A. DEROUEN BOOKS TODAY! Okay, now that I’ve made my declaration, allow me to introduce you to J.A. DeRouen, author of the Over Duet series, LOW OVER HIGH and the newly released, EVER OVER AFTER! You can thank me later!
I’m late to the J.A. DeRouen party but quickly made my way around the room! What an incredible talent! I read LOW OVER HIGH a couple of months ago when I was still a weekly contributing blogger to Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews and planned to review the series as a whole when LOW OVER HIGH released. I know many readers prefer reading a series as a whole, so waiting to review both books seemed like the right decision. Oh how I was wrong! If ever there was a series worth waiting patiently for, and I know a few, this is definitely one! I wish now I go have a do-over so I could shout from the top of my lungs how much I love the books!

LOW OVER HIGH and EVER OVER AFTER is the story of Marlo Rivers “Lo” and Ever Montgomery, teenagers when they meet and adults with complex lives and histories when they get a second chance at love. LOW OVER HIGH introduces us to the characters, ones written with a timelessness I’ve rarely found in any story. Ms. DeRouen captures the angst, awkwardness and desperation of young adults seeking to figure life out while finding love. Any reader of any age can identify with either Lo or Ever in this quest. Marlo and Ever are beautifully developed, as is their relationship, and the consequences of hidden truths heartbreaking. EVER OVER AFTER continues Lo and Ever’s story, one that required time apart to allow them to grow and recover from the past. They’re retain their youthful desire but have to face life, presently, with so much hurt and damage between them. Second chances aren’t always easy.

I have fallen so deeply in lust with Ms. DeRouen’s talent. After reading LOW OVER HIGH, I put it on my very small, select list of top reads of 2016. This list includes authors with such immense talent at Kate Canterbary, TM Frazier, Tiffany Reisz and Mae Wood. I’m reading her "Over" 3-book series and am NOT disappointed. A new one-click always author for me!!

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