Thursday, January 5, 2017

LINKS: Navigating Audio in Amazon

Navigating Audio in Amazon

There's no denying it: the love of audio books is being felt by many these days. With long work commutes, desk jobs, and other everyday chores, more people are turning to the audio format to read books. Just plug in the earbuds and go. Online retailer,, is making the find of great audio books easier than before! Whether you've purchased an e-copy of a great read and would like to upgrade it to audio or you're seeking a great audio book to start, Amazon has great ways of helping readers connect to audio!

Have a load of books currently on your TBR list and you'd like to find its audio companion? Head over to and find your audio read! As you already own the book, Amazon will show if the audio can be upgraded for a nominal fee!

Are you in-between reads and desperate find a great audio book? The Kindle Books with Audible Narration will help you find any book, in any genre, that has audio available!! Check out for thousands and thousands of books!

Are you new to audio altogether and a bit confused by the whole thing? Here are a few things to know:

  • A book's audio companion is not usually released at the same time as the book's release. Authors are turning more and more books into audio versions, so the selection is huge and growing!
  • Whispersync is an Amazon exclusive feature that allows a reader to switch from audio to reading, and reading to audio, without losing their place! Just be sure to bookmark your book or audio book and you'll never lose your place!
  • Not all books turned into audio are Whispersync compatible. If a book is, the Amazon page for the read will indicate it. Whispersync books can often be downloaded for a greatly reduced price IF you own the book! You can purchase the book and the audio version at the same time and receive the discount! Kindle Unlimited members can download the book in KU and are eligible for the reduced audio price if Whispersync compatible!
  • Some Kindle Unlimited books will have audio books available to download and listen to for FREE! Be sure to looks for the "read and listen for free" option!
  • Audio books are narrated in single narration (one author reads it all), dual narration (two authors who read based on the character; male narrators will read the female character as needed and vice versa), and duet narration (a relatively newer style where the female narrator will read ALL the female character moments and vice versa)
  • There is a FANTASTIC audio reader group on Facebook that keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news in romance/erotica audio books! Check out AURAL FIXATION at
No matter how you opt to read a book, I know you'll find great reads!

*Audible is a division of Amazon

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