Monday, February 6, 2017


Mae Wood
Release: February 6, 2017
(Kindle Unlimited available)

I’ve been doing a great deal of internal evaluation as of late as I continue to move forward with some pretty big changes in my life. I’m a woman of a certain age (42 in March) and finding a great sense of self as I get older. For those who have followed me for any time, you know I consider myself to be a bit of an “asshole” reviewer. I’m particular about what makes a great book and am unapologetic, or at least getting to be unapologetic, with my reviews. So here goes:


Pardon the shouty caps, but my excitement can’t be retained on this one. 

If you haven’t read Mae’s previous books in the Pig and Barley series, RISKING RUIN and BORROWING TROUBLE, you are missing out on thoughtful, intelligent writing that leads to well developed, established, OLDER characters in fantastic reads. Yep, I said it…OLDER characters. Mae continues her shine in PLUS ONE, the third book in the series but a complete standalone.

PLUS ONE is the story of Bert Forsythe, a 37-year-old single father of a teenage boy, who co-owns the Pig and Barley with his childhood friend, Trip (first introduced in books one and two). Bert has a great relationship with his son, Grady, and his ex-wife, Amy. He’s in top physical form, can cook, know how make a fantastic mug of coffee and mix the best cocktail of your life. He’s witty, charming and has a sense of humor. He’s not looking for long term to step into his life. 

Until Drennan McCutcheon walks into his bar. 

Ah, Drennan…at 26 she’s lived a life with tragedies but has maintained her laughter. One of the smartest female characters I’ve read, Drennan is smart, a great friend, a fantastic wine rep and has the desire to always be her best. So it’s only natural she’s attracted to Bert. 

While their relationship starts off a bit cat-and-mouse, what develops is a real, lovely friendship that grows. Their road to happy isn’t always an easy one, as real life often shows us, but their willingness to work through the tough times, put aside personal fears and figure it out together makes them an unstoppable pairing!

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