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Kate Canterbary
Release: June 13, 2017
Reviewed by: Jessica, Jaime, and Julie

Jessica's Review

Preservation is worth every single teaser, every single blurb, every single social media post, and every single breadcrumb that avid Kate Canterbary readers have endured. 

Since the very first Walsh story, we have watched Riley Walsh, the youngest of the brothers, play a part in all of his siblings big moments. We have watched him grow in the family business. We have watched him endure heartbreak. He is the keeper of all of the secrets, the not so serious brother, the guy who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally, we get to see life in this crazy wonderful family from his point of view.

What will you get from reading Preservation? Each reader is different, but I'm happy to tell you what the story gave me. The writer took an imperfect person and made him into the perfect book boyfriend. Riley Walsh is so real. He's the guy who spills things, who has a constant wardrobe malfunction of some sort, who is the butt of many jokes and the mess of many situations. But he's loyal and he's sexy (oh so sexy) and he's smart. In addition to your new BBF, you get someone special. She's strong, smart, career driven, independent and witty. She brings her own baggage and flaws, but is perfect for Riley, in my eyes and in his. 

As with every story in the series, we catch glimpses of the other Walsh characters we love. We get lots of sibling love and banter. We get some ah-ha moments and some surprises. We get the Kate Canterbary writing style that is full of pop culture references, emotions, wit, and engaging dialogue. We get everything. 

Can you read this as a standalone? Sure, but I wouldn't. Start from the beginning. Savor each book. Soak it up. Don't worry, RISD and I will be waiting for you.

Jaime's Review

Where do I begin?

Do I start with the characters? I could. The narration? I could do that, too. The love of this family? Hell, yeah.

I'll start with Riley, we met him way back in the throes of Underneath It All. We laughed as we buckled up for the ride that was this family. Crazy, lovable, making sure a frying pan was ready for anyone's side of the head, copious amounts of whiskey and coffee.

He's RISD. He's always walking in at awkward sexual moments, getting hurt, leaving his zipper down, but he's got a heart of gold. He deserves to happy. We've waited, calming our tits, stealing all the morsels we could from this remarkable guy.

Enter Someone Special. She's ballsy, brilliant and challenges Riley to be the man she's knows he can be. She's his person, unexpected as it may be. It's the best kind of love. She and Riley banter, I was about to pee my pants. It's just so funny. And you come away from this book thinking, yes - that's the kind love everybody wants. You feel it in your bones.

The Walsh family members are never far away. I wouldn't want them to be. They have just as much right to be in this story.

The dual POV works seamlessly just like in every other Walsh book. You get inside this family's head. You know them, you fight for them, you laugh at the good times and cuddle them when the times go low.

Kate Canterbary is a unicorn. She's rare talent, seven Walsh.... that's right .... SEVEN. 1-2-3-4-5-6 before it and you know what, just when you thought her writing, her wit, her love of this family couldn't be any larger than life, she blows it right open, like everything you thought you knew what a book could be. Every word, every agonizing word, is meant to be on that page. Never doubt. Trust her. Go on, don't be afraid, okay be afraid a little bit.

Sometimes people influence you not so much by what they mean to you - as  by what they allow you to mean to them. - Gotham Knights

Julie's Review

I have a girl crush on Kate Canterbary.

There, I said it. And I'll say it again. The Walshes are back and it's like welcoming an old friend back into my life. Kate has this remarkable ability to not only draw you into the story, but to make you feel so invested that your emotions grow right a long with the characters. Her ability to make me laugh through my salty ass tears is also unparalleled. She immaculately weaves pop culture through out the story which draws connections and parallels to life. It's remarkably well done. I could not put it down, even for a moment. Invested, party of one.

Why am I telling you about the writing instead of the characters?

Because I went into this book blind. Completely. I mean, I know my Walshes and I was already 75% in love with Riley anyways. But the way this story is told, the way Kate draws you in, the way the anticipation builds. Man, it's worth going in blind. It's worth taking the journey with Kate. She holds out her hand, and man, just grab it and hold on. It's worth every single last moment.

Do I love Riley even more now?

Hell yes. And I love his special someone just as much.

Take the ride. Open your heart. Let Kate lead you. You won't regret it.

(Also — and I don't say this lightly — this book will be extremely hard to beat for my favorite book of 2017. Very, very hard to beat. In fact, I just don't think it will be beat. It's THAT good.)

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  1. Well said ladies! Riley Walsh is special! His special someone is awesome. Kate Canterbary' s writing never fails to envelop you into the story!


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