Thursday, June 1, 2017


MJ Summers
Release: May 20, 2017
Reviewed by: Julie

I'm going to start by telling you a secret about me. I've always been enamored with royalty. I mean, I'm an 80's baby. (Prince William when he had hair, need I say anymore?) As I've grown older and away from the Buckingham Palace dream, I've harbored a real love for the royalty trope. 

That brings me to this amazing book by MJ Summers. Sigh, royalty.

Prince Arthur is hilarious, I mean down right hilarious. He does have a soft side which I always find so endearing. This is told in dual POV, so you get to see the inner workings of his brain as well as Tessa, our female lead. MJ Summers does an amazing job sprinkling pop culture references throughout both of their points of view, and that provides a real connection for readers. (There's one from Silence of the Lambs that just about made me pee my pants in laughter. After twins, that happens more often than I'd like to admit.) The country is deciding whether or not to keep the monarchy and Prince Arthur has a crazy idea to invite his worst critic to the palace to live for two months so he can convince them that the monarchy is worth saving. Enter Tessa, who is awkwardly fabulous and reminds me so much of myself, that it was almost like being able to live out my princess fantasy. She's a blogger who is the only girl in a family full of high achieving men. She proves them all wrong though with her wildly successful blog that openly criticizes the royal family. There wasn't one moment where I skimmed through or felt bored. I was so sucked in numerous times to this story. That's one of best thing about the writing - it absorbs you in and you can't help but root for this couple. This is not a heavy read by any means, but it's absolutely a perfect romantic comedy. This is a one-click for me, and I am anxiously awaiting the second book. The second book will apparently continue to follow Prince Arthur and Tessa, however this doesn't end in a cliffhanger.

Royalty for the win.


  1. Great review. My TBR pile keeps growing❤

  2. Thanks for the great review Julie!


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