Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Sarina Bowen
Released: October 20, 2017

I'm a frustrated traveler. No, I'm a horrible traveler. My anxiety about leaving something important at home and my extreme motion sickness make the start of any journey tough. It's ONE of the many reasons I read. I'm able to visit England, Australia, California, or Vermont. Vermont?!?! Maybe it's not your vacation destination, but after reading Sarina Bowen's BOUNTIFUL, it will be!

BOUNTIFUL is book four in Ms. Bowen's True North series, but as with the previous books, can be read as a standalone. While characters from books 1-3 make appearances, this story follows Zara Rossi and Dave Beringer as they learn that summer love can turn into so much more!

Zara was introduced to readers in book one, BITTERSWEET, and she was a prickly pear. I had reservations about her very early on, but as the story unfolds and a blessing in disguise comes her way, I fell for her. The prickly exterior protects a soft, squishy interior. Ms. Bowen, once again, or should I say, as always, creates characters and situations relatable to her readers. We all have mistakes in the past that shouldn't define who we are, yet they do. Family, in particular, are often slow to recognize and acknowledge changes. Zara is forced to reconcile her past with her present to find a happy future.

I know many are hesitant to begin a series where multiple books have been released, but I strongly encourage readers new to this series or Ms. Bowen to start with BOUNTIFUL and read the other books. You'll either develop a yearning to visit Vermont or like me, ready to move there!

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