Saturday, November 18, 2017


Where did 2017 go that we're already facing Thanksgiving? I don't remember fireworks sounding off for the Fourth of July! Then again, I've spent many months of this year in bed or struggling to get out of it. It's the craziness of depression. Yep, this girl suffers from severe Atypical depression. It makes the days unique, that's for sure!

Here's the great part of getting better: the days are brighter, sunnier, lighter. I've been able to reconnect with the things that I enjoy in a new way. My interaction with friends and family seems more genuine. I'm no longer putting myself into situations unhealthy for me. I'm learning to put myself before others (learning, not necessarily achieving). I'm surrounding myself with people who understand and aren't running from my crazy. I have support.

And my heart is full.

I'm so immensely grateful for my mother, my pets, my clients, good friends, great books, and second chances. I'm even grateful for my healing sprained ankle because it's made me refocus on healthy eating. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for my therapist and the people who have reached out to let me know I'm not alone in the fight. They've reassured me that, while some days will be bad, there can be and ARE more incredible days. They are right!

So, as we head into another Thanksgiving, I say "thank you" to the readers of this teeny blog and the members of the Angelically Devilish reader group. Thank you for understanding when I walked away for a bit, and thank you for welcoming me back. I don't feel deserving of your kindness but will do my best always to earn it.

What I finally know is that hiding who you are means being ashamed of yourself. There's loads more of me to work on, parts I don't like much, but this is me. The good, the bad, the depressed, and the happy.

Here's to the rest of 2017! For those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, enjoy the time with family and friends. For all others, be well and find your happy.

Oh, and books reviews and author spotlights are coming! This is a book blog after all!

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