Tuesday, December 5, 2017


CAN'T GET ENOUGH (The Original Heartbreakers book 6)
Gena Showalter
Published: December 5, 2017

Recently the topic of reality in fiction, particularly romance fiction, has been discussed in various reader groups. I admit to bringing it up in a round-about-way in the Angelically Devilish Reader group. While I know anything can happen to anyone, anywhere in fictional stories, I’m a great proponent of romance having a strong basis in reality. It’s lovely to see that real situations with relatable characters can have happily ever after. Let’s face it, real life is harsh and brutal, and it can often be difficult to see the good in all the bad. Hope, in all forms, is needed now more than ever. 
I’m not surprised Gena Showalter takes reality and shows a genuinely beautiful side of extreme darkness. In her latest, Can’t Get Enough, Ms. Showalter takes on domestic abuse, physically and verbally, and masterfully shows the lasting effects it can have on victims. She also handles a very harsh reality with beauty, grace, humor, and oh, so hot sexytimes. Everything she’s done so well through her “Original Heartbreakers” series. 

With book six of the series, although that should NOT deter a new reader as each book can be read as a standalone, the budding relationship between Lyndie Scott and Brock Hudson from previous books, is showcased. They’ve taken their time to find each other, Lyndie not ready to trust others and Brock, not ready to believe in himself. Having to learn how to trust and believe in each other, while reconciling their pasts and trying to find strong footing for the future, makes for one of the best reads of 2017 for me!

I’ll admit to being a Gena Showalter superfan. Ms. Showalter’s books are among the first in the romance genre I started reading and she’s not once disappointed in all these years. Any story she writes and publishes is a guaranteed one-click, pre-order for me. Can’t Get Enough is no exception!

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