Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BOOK REVIEW Kivrin Wilson's MEND

Release date: February 7, 2018
Available in Kindle Unlimited on release day

I'm a demanding reader. There are times I feel the need to apologize to authors for demanding so much from them in a story. I know what I'm reading is fiction, I know the characters aren't real, but in contemporary romance, I want stories and characters grounded in reality. I want to care about what they care about, feel what they feel, understand their world and why it matters. I want to be pulled so far into their lives I can forget about mine for a few hours, but in the end, feel hope for us all.

When an author can give me all of this and the "butterfly" feeling in my stomach, I know I've hit the jackpot. Kivrin Wilson's sophomore novel, MEND, is this type of winner.

The story of Paige and Logan, MEND weaves a flawless, beautiful tale of love, marriage, and the truth of the not so happily ever after. Can a marriage survive once anger, resentment, and mistrust become bedfellows?

Ms. Wilson uses incredible flashbacks to show how Paige and Logan met and fell in love. How they knew they'd found their "one," and decided to marry. The rawness and realness of present-day Paige and Logan in their struggle to determine the value of their marriage is some of the best writing I've read in contemporary romance.

While book two in the Waters Series, MEND can be read as a standalone.  Oh, if you haven't yet read BEND, book one, I HIGHLY recommend it! It was one of my top reads of 2016 and the audio version is one of the best available!

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