Monday, March 19, 2018

Julia Wolf
Release: March 22, 2018

Taking chances. I'm not a risk taker, so as much as I would love to write the next great American romance novel, my fear is still too intense. I admire writers today for following their need to tell a story, their passion for writing, and their willingness to take a chance. When I was given an opportunity to read the debut novel from Julia Wolf, I jumped! I'm a sucker for second chance romances, and this sounded perfect!

Cut Short is the story of Rachel and Joe, teenage friends after a night of great music and bonding over soundtracks. When the 16-year-old Rachel admitted to having feelings for the 19-year-old Joe, things didn't go quite as planned. Fast forward 14 years, a few failed relationships, and a whole bunch of insecurity, the older and wiser Rachel reunites with the older and wiser Joe. They resume their old friendship and take a chance on becoming so much more.

Ms. Wolf created a lovely and relatable character with Rachel. She's a smart, dedicated to her craft, creative lady who can give Tabatha Coffey a run for her money with hair styling. For all her sensibility and intelligence, Rachel has made bad decisions when it comes to love. Ms. Wolf also gave us one of the best female friendships I've read in a long time. Eliza and Frannie are the gal pals we all want. I'm hoping we'll get more in-depth stories for them!

As much as I love the unique story and the character development, there were times when I felt the dialogue remained a bit juvenile. The interaction between Rachel and Joe was sweet, and their sexy times were steamy, but the conversations between them at 30 and 33, respectively, felt too similar to their conversations at 16 and 19. I do think aging dialogue as characters age can be difficult for any author. However, minor dialogue issues should not be the reason to prevent a reader from taking a chance on Cut Short. It's worth the risk!

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  1. I follow Julia on Twitter and adore her and am very excited to pick this one up- I've heard good things, just need the time now to sit down and read (ha!) Thanks for the review!



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