Monday, March 26, 2018


I'm lazy. I mean, yes I work a lot between a big girl desk job at a major university and running a small local business, but I'm a lazy girl. If I had my way, I would sit around all day, watching Netflix, reading books, playing with my dogs, rubbing a kitty belly or nine. The only thing missing from this fantasy is the 20-something, built, man candy feeding me grapes, one at a time.

Let's take a moment, close our eyes, and picture that.

So freaking good.

Life, however, is a jerk. As of now, the universe is in cahoots with life to make sure the dream is not yet realized. BUT that doesn't mean I can't give life, and the universe, the middle finger. Shortcuts are all about the middle finger. Crockpots (they ARE safe), deli-made meals, microwavable popcorn, margaritas in a bottle, and Typesetter. All things that make life much, much better.

Typesetter? What the he...

Oh, yeah, I created a shortcut for myself and, hopefully, many others! Typesetter is a brand new group for authors, bloggers, personal assistants, and public relations folks. The goal is to have a one-stop shop where new release sign-ups, upcoming sales, teasers, author takeovers requests, and anything else related to supporting authors can be easily and quickly found! No more missed emails or overly clogged newsfeeds preventing us from seeing the important information!

Typesetter is also my way of creating an area of positivity in a community that goes through too many ups and downs of negativity. Maybe if we get to know each other, support each other, and stop seeing competition in one another, we can join together to strengthen the romance book community. Together we can make our community truly about love, friendship, diversity, and acceptance.

Right, acceptance. I know, how can we come together if readers are excluded? No worries...I'm working on a one-stop shop for readers too!

For now, authors, bloggers, PAs and PR folks, head over to Facebook and join! Did I mention this FREE of charge? C'mon, aren't you spending enough to promote your work? Word of mouth does more to bring in sales than anything! Use the tools available to you!


  1. This is great and such a beautiful initiative! And it's growing so quickly :) Thanks for setting this all up!



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