Tuesday, March 13, 2018



Sierra Simone
Release date: March 15, 2018

Forgive me, for I have SINNED....

What is it about a man of deep faith trying to reconcile his free will, moral code, with that faith that is so deeply attractive? Maybe there's something wrong with me that I find that struggle so alluring and sexy. Or maybe it's incredible authors like Tiffany Reisz and Sierra Simone who unapologetically tackle such a complex issue with immense grace and insight while keeping the feelings of uncertainty in fictional characters so beautifully grounded in reality?

Sierra Simone's SINNER is the story of Sean Bell and Zenobia "Zenny" Iverson, friends from childhood who once walked a similar path of faith until tragedy pulled them apart. As they've grown, Sean turned away from his Catholic faith while Zenny sought refuge in hers. But one night reunites their paths, and they suddenly find themselves questioning what they believe.

Ms. Simone, without question, masterfully confronts contemporary societal issues with so much sensitivity and honesty. Sean and Zenny are an interracial couple at different stages of their lives. Although our society is multi-cultural and becoming more of a blend of races, prejudices, assumptions, stereotypes still exist based on skin color. The conversation between Sean and Zenny after one particularly uncomfortable event was so perfect, so real, and so right. Ms. Simone succeeds in just a few brilliant chapters to show that open dialogue and a willingness to hear and understand the other person's perspective is the first step toward making ourselves and communities better.

At times heartbreaking, Ms. Simone ultimately leaves the reader with the hope that love can conquer all. She brilliantly shows that love and faith go hand-in-hand. And she reminds us to find our joy, wherever it may be.

SINNER is book three in her Priest series but reads as a standalone. I HIGHLY recommend books one and two, Priest and Midnight Mass though. They are a great way of meeting the Bell family. Readers will also have a stronger idea of why Sean struggles with his faith.

It may only be March, but I feel comfortable in announcing SINNER will be included on my list of top reads of 2018! 



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