Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Stephanie Rose
Original release: October 19, 2017
Audio release: April 17, 2018
Currently available in Kindle Unlimited

Ever feel like life is overwhelming? Like, one day all is manageable and the next you’re so busy you forget your glasses on top of your head and squint like an idiot all day. Not that I would know anything about that. But life happens as quickly as a cat meows and the best you can do is hang on.

That’s my life. I’m suddenly back to school, working on a major project, working, running a small business and trying to blog. It’s not easy, and I’m barely hanging on. After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to step back from reviewing for a bit. At least through most of the summer. This was not an easy decision, but one I think is the right one.

How grateful am I that my last book reviewed before going on temporary hiatus is Stephanie Rose’s REWRITE! I’m not sure how to start talking about this incredible story, well-crafted characters, and the most phenomenal narrators! I mean, how do I describe how much my weekend of running errands, washing dogs, doing laundry, and finishing homework was made SO MUCH BETTER thanks to this book? I’ll do my best.


Ahem, for those new to Stephanie Rose, let me say you need, NEED, to start reading her now. She writes some of the most honest, well developed, genuine characters in contemporary romance. REWRITE is everything I consider modern romance should be: a beautiful story based on reality that shows imperfect people deserve love and second chances. The writing is flawless, the characters feel like people I know, and the struggles they face are completely relatable.

Josh and Brianna are life-long friends who separate because life happens. Being young and making mistakes leads to a pen pal friendship over a ten-year span. Destiny reunites them again, only to hand out shocking truths and devastating blows. Josh and Brianna have to figure out how strong their love is, how to fight through and rewrite the story they began when they were five-years-old.

I opted to experience REWRITE in audio form, and it’s FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Read in dual narration, Tristan Wright and Devra Woodward are absolute magic in this story. Their ability to capture the fun, frustration, and chemistry between Josh and Brianna is sheer perfection. They brought to life an incredibly beautiful love story with ease, grace, and sensitivity. They add the cherry to the top of Stephanie Rose’s perfect sundae of a book. REWRITE is truly the sweetest gift.   


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