Saturday, July 7, 2018


Sarina Bowen
Release date: July 10, 2018
Available on audio on release day

Like so many others, I LOVE reading for the escape it gives me. I can travel to other cities, or worlds, and lose myself in the problems of others for a little while. What I really love about reading is when a book can not only take me away for a bit but help me appreciate my own life a little more when I return to reality. Sarina Bowen's THE ACCIDENTALS accomplishes this perfectly.

THE ACCIDENTALS is Ms. Bowen's first foray into writing contemporary, young adult fiction. It's a spectacular start to writing in a new genre. It tells the story of Rachel Kress, an incredibly intelligent and insightful 18-year-old who has to navigate life after losing her mother. With some luck and a whole lot of love, Rachel moves forward into an uncertain future.

Ms. Bowen's development of Rachel is fantastic. She's written a character that finds herself at a crossroad in life, having to learn how to love and trust, but remains true to who she is. And while Rachel struggles to adjust to the changes and challenges in her life, she remains grateful for what she had and from where she came. A lesson we should all learn.

I'm grateful for THE ACCIDENTALS for reminding me nothing in life is permanent. Regardless of how difficult life is at the moment, the difficulties eventually go away. We need to embrace the hard times to have a genuine appreciation of the good times.


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