Tuesday, October 2, 2018


desolate (Grace trilogy #1)
Autumn Grey
Release date: September 21, 2018

Have you ever given thought to the voices in your head or the imaginary versions of yourself helping make decisions? I often think of this as the war between my heart and my head. My heart is the all emotional decision maker. She's the spur-of-the-moment kind of gal. My head is the practical decision maker. She's "just the facts, ma'am" kind of gal. I would be lost without them. But when the heart and the head go to war over decisions, it can just suck.

Autumn Grey beautifully captures this very problem in her new release, "desolate". The story of young Solomon Callan, an orphan who grows up with his uncle, a Priest, and the Catholic faith. Sol has always found comfort and refuge in the church and commits himself to living a life of service to God and becoming a Priest too. But he questions this when he falls deeply in love with Grace Miller, a girl who befriended him and comforted him during his greatest time of need.

"desolate" is a masterfully written story with characters that are so believable. The characters are young but have an incredible sense of self. I think this is reflective of young adults today. They are also discovering so much about themselves and what they want from life. And learning that what we want and what we need aren't always what we get.

Please note the title of the book does indicate this is a trilogy. There's so much more to Grace and Sol's story coming. In the meantime, take deep pleasure in reading the beginning of their love story and ask yourself if you could give up the one thing you want the most?


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